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Frequently Ask Questions

To help serve you better we have listed some of our Frequent Ask Questions. We will continue to add to this list to best serve you.

  1.  I have not received my order yet. Why? Each order is made custom at our Ohio warehouse. We custom print and package each order by hand. Because of this process normal production time takes 2-5 business days. During holiday and colder season this time can extend up to 7-10 business days.
  2. I Picked the FREE SHIPPING Option! When you choose FREE SHIPPING the standard timeline for you to received your order is an additional 5-7 business days. We do however do our best to get you your order sooner.
  3. How can I order different size top and bottoms? Order 1 size and at checkout in the comment section you can state the size of your top and bottom. We will note your order of the update.
  4. I received my tracking it is not showing any movement. When you receive a tracking, this means your order has completed production. It normally takes USPS or UPS another 12-24 hours to pick up your order. Give your order 24 hours to see the tracking moving.
  5. A partial order was shipped to me, where is the rest of my order? We ship out partials sometimes if one or more of your items will delay your order longer than expected. You can check your order receipt with a STAMPED BACKORDER note next to the item(s) that will ship separately. We try to ship the backorder within 7-10 days or sooner.
  6. My tracking is still not moving. What do I do now? If your tracking is not moving within 24 hours, please message us so we can immediately correct this and possible reship your order.
  7. Do you have any stores I can buy products? Currently all stores have sold out of our products. The only way to purchase is online.

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